Safety Features

Ride by the Rules!

When you ride with Allez, we want you to feel safe in every way! It’s no wonder we prioritize health measures such as mandatory face masks for our drivers and riders.

We will maintain specific standards throughout this pandemic to keep our riders and drivers healthy. We want you to roam safely!

Look Both Ways!

All riders and drivers must confirm through the app that they are wearing a face mask before the ride can begin. Drivers or riders who are not able to confirm that they are wearing a face mask will not be able to use our services. 

Allez bikers and their passenger must both confirm helmets before starting a trip as well.

Put a Pin in it!

Allez is precise. One of the driving factors for starting this company is realizing the need for door to door transportation on the island. 

Allez provides door to door service using the accuracy of Google Maps and the moveable pin. Whether it is an unnamed street, a numbered building or unmarked road, your Allez driver will find you at your doorstep.

We’ve Got it Covered!

All drivers must undergo a background check and produce a police record before becoming approved. In addition, this police record must be renewed annually. We are adamant on taking all necessary measures to keep our riders as safe as possible!

Ratings are available at the end of each trip for both rider and driver. Low ratings for drivers will result in total disbandment on Allez app. Riders will never match with a driver they rated with 2 or less stars.