Allez Rider FAQ

How to request a ride with Allez?

Download the Allez app and register. When you’re ready for your first ride, enter your destination in the destination field (your current location is pre-filled but you’re allowed to edit), then click on Request Ride. The nearest driver will be on their way to you!

How to pay for a ride?

You can either pay via Allez wallet, credit card, or debit card.

What if a rider feels unsafe in the car?

During the trip, you can select live chat with Allez support. You will have the option to cancel the ride. If you believe your life is in danger, immediately call the police.

Can riders rate the driver?

After a trip has ended, you will be given the option to rate your experience and add comments. If you rate a driver below 2 stars, then you won’t be matched with that driver again. Similarly, drivers will be able to rate you as a rider.

Can a rider tip a driver?

Yes, 100% of tips are paid directly to the driver.

Can a rider cancel the ride request?

Yes, a rider can cancel a ride request up to 2 minutes after requesting a ride. A cancellation fee may apply if a ride is cancelled after 2 minutes.

Are there waiting fees?

Yes, after 5 mins of waiting, riders will be charged a waiting fee. A rider has essentially 5 minutes to get in a car after the driver arrives. A driver will attempt to call a rider after they arrive but it is ultimately the responsibility of the rider to pay attention to the notification on their phone.

Why are prices higher than normal?

During peak times, a ride may cost you a little more so that more drivers are drawn to the area and everyone can get a ride. You’re welcome to wait longer to request a ride to avoid paying the surcharge.